In Deutschland wird die Terrorangst noch fleißig geschürt, in Amerika ist man schon einen Schritt weiter. Ein Professor löst einen Großeinsatz aus. Und wieso? Weil er Gedichte recyclen wollte. Jemand hatte ihn dabei beobachtet und hielt ihn für eine Person mit mittelöstlicher Abstammung. (This is ironic because though my grandfathers came from Egypt, I am Indian, a South Asian, and could never be mistaken for a Middle Eastern man by anyone who had ever met one.)

Because of my recycling, the bomb squad came, then the state police. Because of my recycling, buildings were evacuated, classes were canceled, the campus was closed. No. Not because of my recycling. Because of my dark body. No. Not even that. Because of his fear. Because of the way he saw me. Because of the culture of fear, mistrust, hatred and suspicion that is carefully cultivated in the media, by the government, by people who claim to want to keep us "safe."


One of my colleagues was in the gathering crowd, trying to figure out what had happened. She heard my description -- a Middle Eastern man driving a white Beetle with out of state plates -- and knew immediately they were talking about me and realized that the box must have been manuscripts I was discarding. She approached them and told them I was a professor on the faculty there. Immediately the campus police officer said, "What country is he from?"

"What country is he from?!" she yelled, indignant.

"Ma'am, you are associated with the suspect. You need to step away and lower your voice," he told her.

Wenn man sich erstmal gegenseitig ausspioniert und durchgehend in Angst und Schrecken lebt, dann haben die Terroristen schon gewonnen.

via Bruce Schneier